Dozens of Spring and Easter decorative projects were accomplished by S.O.S. – DEKORACE at the beginning of the year.

According to our designers, SPRING does mean creativity, playfulness, variety, energy and fun. And this time, the most noticeable success does not belong to classical, elegant flower design. Decoration full of experiment dominates this season!

Courageous design act achieved success in shopping mall Metropole Zlicin. Giant bunnies dressed up into a garb of geometrical and variegated color-blocking style, the iconic fashion trend inspired by Dutch artist Piet Mondrian.

Local tradition has been preserved within Easter markets in historical center of Prague city, decorated in the name of national artist Josef Lada. His traditional motifs have been presented in sizes and forms no man has seen before.

The cheeriest spring decoration from workshops of S.O.S. – DEKORACE clothed Gallery Butovice. Chirpy sheep were bleating happily on visitors passing parking entrance, they were welcoming them warmly on reception desk, even accompanying them at the restaurant table. There was a helluva response. Funny sheep cheered up the afternoon of many people.

We believe that even you will be the fan of playful decoration.